While off-the-shelf medical electrodes are widely available, certain evaluation and diagnostic applications can be performed more effectively and efficiently by utilizing custom, multi-position electrodes. Custom electrodes can make the administering of the medical procedure more efficient for the practitioners versus handling and placing multiple single-position electrodes. Moreover, an electrode patch with pre-determined electrode positions can ensure accurate and consistent placement onto the patient.


SSI Electronics, Inc. is quickly becoming a well-known and trusted supply partner by OEMs developing and marketing Holter technology to the masses.  In the nearly $500M Holter monitor industry, companies need partners they can trust to support such a critical product class. Specifically, there has been a need for custom, reliable electrodes that allow for both mechanical and electrical bond between your Holter recording device and the patients for which they are attached. SSI is excellently equipped to both develop and provide this essential interface between hardware and patient.





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